Funding Projects

Mobile Library

The Foundation’s initial priority was to purchase and outfit a fuel-efficient mobile library to offer a full range of library services to the underserved areas and people of Ventura County. This includes the unincorporated areas where many people have little or no library service, as well as the areas of larger cities where lack of transportation, age or disability may bar residents from having access to library buildings.

STEAM Sponsorships

The Ventura County Library Foundation supports STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) learning, and believes children of today will need STEAM skills to be successful in tomorrow’s workforce.  The Foundation strongly supports the concept of implementing Innovation Labs in libraries in Ventura County to introduce STEAM concepts to children, and foster a love of and appreciation for STEAM activities.  The Foundation is currently working hard to raise funds to expand the Fillmore Library and implement the Library System’s first Innovation Lab.  This Lab will serve as a model for similar future Labs in other library locations.    

Operation READ!

Staff from the Ventura County Library, Ventura County Probation Agency, and the Ventura County Office of Education met in summer 2018 and discussed the identified need for literacy tutoring for the youth in the Ventura County Juvenile Detention facility.

READ Adult Literacy

The mission of the READ Adult Literacy program at the Ventura County Library is to help adults improve reading and writing skills so that they perceive positive impact on their lives in such areas as self-esteem, employment, family life, and community involvement.  Research reveals lower literacy rates correlate to lower academic achievement, fewer job skills and less opportunity for personal advancement.  Literacy also is essential to a healthy democracy, with lower skilled readers less likely to vote or actively engage in social and civic activities. Private support will help the library expand the world of books and reading to adult learners and children.

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